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Hi all Members, Sorry for not being online but I am back now but please go check out the new terms, upgrades and specials that I have added to site. Now on to to fun i think i want to do a purchase contact on this site. this will be a week contest with starts now and will end on march 21st at midnight eastern standard time. For the prizes 1st place- $ 10 in PayPal account 2nd place- $5 in account balance will be able the cash out 3rd- free year upgrade 4th- free month upgrade 5th- 1000 link credits so as you see there will be 5 winners on the site. I will also be doing upgrades to my other site as will if you want to come over there for a free week upgrade link to the site http://bossclicks.xyz/ i will also be doing a contest there as well so come by and get your free upgrade i an going over right now so come join i will be giving 50 free upgrades be on of the first 10 to join and get a surprise in your account.

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